Written Letter:


My Gratitude
One of the great joys of a grandfather’s heart is to watch his grandson overcome his fears and enjoy surfing God’s great ocean. My grandson, James Naus, was a bit apprehensive, but the entire staff at Rockaway Beach reassured him and filled him with confidence. At the end of the day he was shredding every wave in sight. You can only imagine my delight.
I want to thank Jess, Jeff Anthony, Clifton, Griffin and Estaban particularly for the tenderness and care they showed James. James learned a great deal more than just how to ride surf. He learned to face his fears, to be courteous, and to enjoy the victories of his companions. I know he will treasure these experiences all of his life, and so will I.
See you again next year, God willing.


Greetings after an AMAZING morning out on the ocean!
I just wanted to say that Adam was an extraordinary instructor. I learned more from him in the 1 hr 15 min lesson than I could have possibly imagined — so much that I feel transformed both as a student of surfing and my overall outlook on my progress and my aspiration.

He is a truly inspiring teacher and I look forward to signing up for another private lesson with him.

Thank you Adam!



Thank you for yesterday’s surf clinic day- it was completely awesome. I learned SO MUCH and loved the company and the laughs and how easy it was to be a part of. I have been searching for something like this and I will be back for sure!

Surfing continues to change my life in the most unexpected ways and it is a journey for sure, because each time is different.

Surf stoke keeps growing ?



My son attended his first Surf Camp on Wednesday 8/26 and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was as a parent at how you run your program. I was amazed at how well you kept all those children safe, and the methods you use to get them in the ocean on board and surfing was so cool to watch!!!! My son had the time of his life and is begging to go another day – that is the true meaning of success!
We will be back next summer and I will tell all my friends about your wonderful program

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and the amazing staff at the camp.


I was part of the first adult surf clinic in October and the timing couldn’t have been better. In my search to take surfing above and outside a private lesson or a “camp” with you, as I had progressed nicely over the past 2 years, purchased my own board and was super comfortable with the basics, I had nowhere to go. The surf clinic you offered with Adam was excellent and just what I was looking for. Adam’s expertise and guidance, along with the video footage was so helpful! I learned about the tiny adjustments I could make to help me surf better and what was holding me back! I made new friends to surf with and we had a ton of laughs in a super casual setting.


The instructors at Skudin Surf strive to bring you the best and most fun surfing experience for you and your friends. Here are some things that our past parents and students had to say about our best-in-class camps and lessons.


Dear folks,
I am months and months behind in crafting this message. I apologize for that… The chores of life have a way of taking over.This past summer, which seems so long ago now, our ten year-old so, had the pleasure of a day-long program at Skudin Surf through the Future Stars Adventure Camp.He had the time of his life! He came home filled with joy and pride over how many times he managed to actually get up on the surf board. He was aware of and thankful for the coaching and guidance he received from an instructor named Erin, I am almost certain. He thought she was positively wonderful. (It was very cute!) My son described how he was nervous at first and how, with his instructor’s help, he overcame his anxiety. I must say, it was a thrilling moment as a parent. It’s awesome to see your child try something (that you can’t do) and enjoy the learning process so much that they want to do it again.I am hoping that next summer I might organize a group of local kids and their middle-aged (and older) parents to come and spend a day learning from you all. How can we pass through this life without at least one attempt at surfing?!Whether or not that vision gets off the ground… or into the water, as the case may be… I wish to extend my thanks to you for giving my child an amazing experience. Thanks for doing so well what you do. Wishing you steady success.


On Saturday, August 29th I came to Long Beach to take a surfing lesson. I was both excited and terrified. For most of my life, when I’d sit on the beach and watch the surfers, I would dream about how amazing it would be to be able to surf. Sadly, I never found an opportunity to try it when I was young.

In 2005, two disks in my back ruptured and I needed back surgery. I spent months in bed afterwards and spent years afterwards with issues. I still have some issues, though this year, ten years after that surgery, I am feeling the best I have in a long time.

Early in the summer, while on vacation in Narragansett Rhode Island, I saw surfers and a surf school on the beach and become convinced that this was the summer I would try surfing. My family and friends were concerned I’d hurt my back and no one wanted to do it with me. I watched surfing videos online and tried to practice my “pop-up” on a yoga mat (I was not too good at it). I did workouts at the gym to try to strengthen my upper body and my back. And I started researching local surf schools. When I found Skudin Surf school, I knew it was the right one.

And the last weekend of the summer, I booked my lesson for Long Beach.

I arrived early and was really nervous. Anthony was my instructor. I told him I was terrified. He told me to relax and have fun; that it was all going to be good. He said, he’d be with me the whole time and I would not get hurt. He gave me a quick lesson on the beach, and then before I could chicken out, we were heading into the ocean. I caught the first wave and got up!! It was amazing. For me, it was really hard to get up (and stay up for more than a few minutes), and I continued to be terrified, but it was also a dream come true. I was surfing! (I would’ve been happy to just be in the ocean with a surfboard. The fact that I actually stood up on a surfboard, while on a wave, is still a little unbelievable to me!)
Anthony helped me accomplish this and I truly thank him. Throughout the lesson, he was always there telling me that I could do it; helping me along the way. We talked about my back issues (he had some too), and we talked about overcoming fears. He inspired me to keep going when I was tired (after about 20 minutes!). He told me about some of the other surfers that had come for lessons. Everyone had a different story. For me, my story ended perfectly. I had a great day of surfing! It didn’t matter that I wiped out more than I got up, that a crab bit my foot, or that I was exhausted for days afterward. All that mattered was that I did it (and I have the pictures to prove it too!).
So thanks again to Anthony! And Skudin surf school. You’ve helped make my dream of surfing come true!
– M


More E-mail Testimonials


This is my son third day and the start of his newfound love for the sport of surfing. I believe we owe a lot of this to his instructor, Swizz. He was so patient, encouraging and overall great human being.
He was terrified to come to surf camp (transitioning is very challenging for him). To see the smile on his little face and feel the joy from his soul when he successfully stood up on the board was a moment that provoked tears of joy.
At the end of the camp day yesterday, the kids were asked what they were thankful for. He patiently waited for his turn and said he was grateful for surf camp. His parents are too!
Thank you for all you do and for sharing your love with the kids.
We will definitely be back next summer.

I am writing to let you know that my son and his cousin had a great experience at the Atlantic Beach surf location for Skudin Surf Camp. Brian Powers is great with the kids and runs a very organized ship. The positive energy for the kids was infectious! A big thank you to him and the rest of the staff who worked so hard to make their experience the best.
I just had to write to say a huge thanks…

My daughter, was pretty much terrified on day one. She tried to stand, got completely wiped out, and ran to the sand crying that she wanted to go home. Mike took the time to sit down and give her a pep talk, got her back in the water, and from that point forward it was hard to get her OUT….. By day 3 she said she couldn’t wait to go to bed, because she couldn’t wait to wake up and do it again. (She was nervous all over again when Mike was assigned to the older group that day, hahah, but Jeff stepped right up and got her going again.)

She has a session next Friday and I’ve taken the day off, I can’t wait to see her in action and thank Mike and Jeff in person. In the meantime, I just had to let you know that the confidence, the joy, and the love of surfing that you have helped instill in her is a gift that I cannot thank you enough for.

Just coming off a week of camp for our 10 and 13 y.o and we are delighted.
Great, friendly, thoughtful staff, happy, exhausted and accomplished kids.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for helping us set up the semi-private lesson this past weekend. We all had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about our time in the water for hours later! All five of us plan on coming back and are convincing others to join us since we can’t stop talking about it! We definitely plan on coming back several times this summer – at least until we feel confident enough to one day go out on our own. I honestly cannot express in words just what a fantastic experience we all felt it was after having tried surfing last summer to now wanting to really get a handle on it and become surfers with Skudin’s help.

To the Skudin Team,
I am writing with great appreciation for all you do to make the Rockaway surf camp such a special experience. My daughter, didn’t want the week to end! She had an amazing time and said the camp will be a highlight from her summer. She learned so much and progressed quickly thanks to the high quality of instruction and the teachers’ encouragement. Simone was especially grateful to surf with Esteban and Daniel who both challenged her and made it fun. When she wasn’t in the water, Brian did an excellent job organizing games and keeping the groups on schedule, and at the end of the day, when bringing all the (very tired) kids together for a quick share, Jeff was always upbeat and positive.
I’m so glad Simone got to participate in the Skudin surf camp this year. We will definitely be back!
With thanks,

Dear Skudin Surf Camp,
We want to thank you for providing a safe and fun learning environment for our sons this summer.
Your camp at Nickerson was run so well; everything from the convenience of dropping off and picking up, the attentive and knowledgeable staff, and the challenging activities you offered, made for a memorable experience for not only our children, but for us parents as well! The progress the boys made on their surfboards and skateboards has been remarkable. Have a great winter and we will see you again in the Spring.
Warm Regards,

Hi Skudin Team!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how fabulous your crew at Nickerson Park did this summer with the Skate/Surf Camp. I had two boys in the camp for 4 weeks and it was a truly life changing experience for them. In particular, I want you to know about a few staff members you should feel very proud of and why. I don’t know last names but hopefully you will know who I am referring to.

Adam does not give up on kids. My son Samuel began the summer seemingly uninterested in the surfing lessons. He told Adam every day that he only wanted to skate and asked me if he could sit out the afternoons. Adam and I talked about this situation over the course of a few days, before and after camp, and figured out the Sammy was actually cold and nervous about being on bigger waves without a instructor holding the board. We made a few adjustments to his wetsuit and put him in 1 on 1 teams and all said and done, on labor day with his Dad, Sam caught his biggest wave of the summer in Lido West, a real wave, not white water, and rode the face alone to the shore! I was in awe of the change that had taken place in camp, the confidence and skill he had gained in 4 short weeks. If Adam had not been insistent and open to what was really going on, Sam may have opted out of surfing and missed a great opportunity.

Going the Extra Mile: On the last day of camp, Adam gave Sammy the Skudin Surf camp cap off of his own head that he wore all summer and Sammy is so proud of that hat, he wears it day and night.

According to both Samuel and Nat, Rob is the best surfer and skater at Skudin. They talked about him every afternoon. I saw him drop to one knee to give the boys eye to eye encouragement and recognition on several occasions rather than talking down to them. He was so professional, personable, and an all around great teacher. They credit him with teaching them to Ollie (still working on it), teaching them to drop into the half-pipe, just to mention a few things I heard about over dinner. He was very welcoming and on the last day of camp, he took the time to tell Sam and Nat that he was really proud of how much better they had gotten in skating over the 4 weeks, he really meant it and they were beaming to hear it. My youngest, Nat, told me that Rob was his best friend at camp besides his big brother and part of the reason he wanted to go everyday!

Going the Extra Mile: When Sammy mixed his wrist guards in with the Skudin’s equipment, Rob dug through sweaty boxes of gear over two days to find them and never once told me to do it myself, although I am sure he wanted to!

Talk about going the extra mile. She actually took a video of my youngest dropping in the half pipe and shared it with me since I was not there when it happened. She was always a smiley, trustworthy face, everyday and I felt that much more comfortable leaving the boys with all these adventurous surf and skate instructors knowing she was nearby.

She never once had to ask our names after the first day check in, she called me when my boys complained about feeling sick, she showed up on days camp was cancelled to tell me to go home, she came across as extremely organized and serious about keeping things on track. Another face that built confidence in Skudin every morning.

I am sure I could go on and on…. These are the four people that stood out the most to me. All in all, I was extremely happy with the camp’s professionalism, safety rules, instructors, staff, equipment, and most of all, I am happy that my two kids now call themselves surfers and skaters and are eager to come back next year!

Highest compliments to your team.

My daughter Sierra absolutely loved surf camp two weeks ago. It was amazing to see her enthusiasm and sense of pride after each session of getting out there and getting up. Yesterday, we had her last session and conditions were very rough. As I watched her face and emotions change in the morning, I saw she was frightened. She took a huge tumble and so did her female instructor and she came out crying. It was heartbreaking to hear her say she was done. We tried to convince her to try again again and not give up. As the end of the day came, I asked her if she would go out again with Cliff. She answered yes. Unfortunately, it was too late and the surfers were called over to end the day.
I later approached Cliff on the beach and told him what happened and he immediately offered to take her out again and help her.
I am so happy to say that after just one ride with Cliff she was smiling and told me and her father, “I was really frightened before but Cliff took me out really far and helped me ride in a huge wave and he helped me get over my fear”. For that, we are so grateful! Thank you, Cliff and all the people who work with you who helped our Sierra to continue to conquer her fears! It’s truly amazing!
Erin & Bob

I can’t thank you enough for the transformation I saw in my daughter after her experience at your surf camp. Mostly Julianna is timid and hesitant to learn new things. Not only did I see her beautiful sense of accomplishment at the beach, but also in her entire being. What all of you do for our children and all of Long Beach is truly revolutionary!

With gratitude,

My girls went to the Long Beach camp July 7 and 8. They had the time of their lives. I want to thank you all for running such a great operation. They were safe, secure and now are totally into the sport.

Thanks again.

Message: Dear Cliff, Ian, Ben & all the caring staff,
We want to thank you all so much for the life changing experience you gave our daughter this week. (btw Each and every person on staff is a pleasure to interact with.) The consistent encouragement and caring eye you give to each young surfer is powerful to witness. When Ruby went swimming after camp today she was changed. She experienced the ocean with a new confidence and joy. I credit this to her time in the water with you all this week. Thank you for helping her realize the power within herself. Thank you for the challenges and cheers you gave her. Please know all of it is gratefully received. With love & appreciation, Kate & Seth (Shaggy) Patton ps:looking forward to week 2!!!
Just took my first lesson with Skudin Surf. My instructor was Jeremy. He was awesome. Everything from the dry land instruction to the actual surfing demonstrated his experience, knowledge and understanding about teaching this great sport. He had me catch and ride my very first wave. Throughout the remainder of the lesson he taught me about safety and techniques regarding the surfboard as well as “reading the water.” Thank you Jeremy. Take a lesson with him and you will be glad that you did. A shout out to Mr. G and Ray as well. The bug has bitten hard.


My family and I had a GREAT time learning to surf. I grew up in RI, and Narragansett Beach was my every day place to hang out in the summer months. I was always much better at skimboarding and body surfing, but I did do some regular surfing from time to time. Now I’m 51, and thought I’d never surf again. My first wave of the day I was able to ride. Kudos to your staff. I hope to get out with John Tomlin again next summer.


What an amazing start to our summer break! My son, Teddy, had the best time in Surf Camp, gaining confidence and finding his “center of gravity.” When he says this, he is referring to balancing on the board; however, I saw a great change in him over those three days.

Teddy is a bright 8 year old who has sensory issues. He has a tough time staying on task, listening and focusing. Although I don’t know what his instructors experienced out on the water, I saw him concentrating, listening, and far more centered than he has been all year in school.

How are your instructors with teaching English and Math? Because the beach is my son’s perfect classroom. 🙂 Three days on the beach and in the surf was the absolute best therapy for Teddy’s sensory issues! He left camp relaxed, confident and excited to learn.

I smiled for three straight days because my son was so happy with what he accomplished. You have two new — and HUGE — fans in us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. It’s my turn next!

Sima Matthes

Jake had a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better program to get him started in such an awesome sport.

I’m too old to remember how I started, but I know theres nothing better then being out there.

Thanks for taking such good care of my son. I’m very much looking forward to continuing with his “education” throughout the summer, and spending many years sharing the lineup with him.

Instead of obsession over Spiderman and what new X-Box game is being released, I’m so very happy to report that all he’s been talking about is the Ocean and how much fun Surfing is.

Hopefully there’s room towards the end of the summer as his momma and I would love for him to spend another week with you!

Thanks again from a very proud father.

Jonathan Barnett

Just wanted to say what a great first day. My girls love being back in surf camp. I just wanted to say I think the staff this year once again were fabulous. I noticed some new faces and everyone I was with (a bunch of moms from my town who this is their first time) were soooo happy with all the instuctors. So once again our summer could not start off better and it is all thanks to you.


About 20 of us spent an August afternoon learning to surf with Skudin Surf. The instructors did the impossible: after a quick lesson, they got every single one of us normally office-bound urbanites standing up riding waves. The Skudin instructors were confident, competent and friendly; they made the day fun and safe for our group. They even had pizzas waiting for us on the beach after our session

We talk about that day often – it’s far and away the best team-building event we have ever done. We’re all eagerly looking forward to heading back down to Long Beach with Skudin Surf this summer.

TJ Kennedy, Director, Viacom

Dear Cliff,

At 57 I decided to learn to surf. Various friends took me in the water and tried to help me, most of them advising I need “time in the water.” After nearly a full summer of trying I still wasn’t able to surf, although I did manage to ride some waves in on my belly or my knees. In just 20 minutes your instructors got me to do what I couldn’t do all summer!

The instructors were friendly, patient, fun and know how to teach surfing.

My three kids (ages 11 and 10) all learned to surf in less time than it took me! The camp counselors (instructors) were wonderful and very safety conscious.

I highly recommend Skudin Surf to ANYONE interested in this great sport!

All the best,

-Jeff Goldberg

Dear Cliff,

You are just an amazing role model. Devin and Aidan have learned so much from you and have come to love surfing because of you and your camp. We can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, guidance, and the surfboards! You are just a special person in our lives. Dev and Aidan love you! Have a great Winter..

– The O’Sullivans

Skudin Team,

A big shout out and thank you for the adult swim camp this past week. The instructors were great – informative but not too serious, and always willing to talk and go over questions, and fun to be around. It was a great experience – lots of sun, lots of exercise, and a sport I am likely to pursue in the future.

– Samir Shah

Just wanted to take a moment after reflecting and thank you for a great program. Our daughter has been wanting to take lessons for a long time and we were only able to afford it to her this year. How lucky and blessed we are! You have left such a great impression on this girl who is somewhat guarded. she has loved this week and hasn’t stopped talking about it. She loves the inspirational talks to start off the day and the whole experience.

Thank you and Good thoughts.

– The Kolenovic Family

Hi there,

My two children Erik and Isabella Von Hamm just finished up Week #8. My husband and I were there every day to support our kids. We are both extremely impressed by the whole program, how well it is run, how well the instructors are on top of each and every child. Both Erik & Isabella loved learning to surf, especially Isabella who has been talking about surfing since she was 3 years old (she is now 8). I also wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you to Cliff for taking out Erik and Isabella and spending your time with them and also Cliff’s amazing staff. All the water and land instructors are amazing people. Kudos! Also, It has brought us together as a family too.

We took the opportunity to stay a while at the beach and enjoy family time , minus television and electronics. Erik and Isabella have said that this camp was the best thing they have ever done and want to continue to surf. My husband and I wanted to send Erik & Isabella for week #9
, but unfortunately due to a financial hardship we just couldn’t find it in our budget to send them again this year. But rest assured you will see Erik & Isabella next year and we are hoping to be in a better place and send them for a minimum of 2 weeks 🙂 So with that said our most heartfelt thank yous go out to Cliff and the Skudin Family.

– Jennilyne

My son Ian attended an amazing week at Skudin Surf Camp in Long Beach and I have to say that the week blew us away and that we now have a completely different relationship to the ocean than we did 10 days ago.

Cliff Skudin is wonderful with the kids of all ages. His staff and instructors are all awesome at boosting the kids’ self-confidence and they get the first-timers up on boards catching waves within one hour on the first day. My son began the week with no surf experience and very little ocean experience. He is 7 and he was very nervous about trying something new in a place that was also new to us and where he had no friends. He finished the week surfing! He learned water safety, to respect the ocean and Mother Earth, how to paddle out and ride waves back to the beach, to have gratitude for the things he has, and many other valuable life lessons. Cliff and the instructors boosted Ian’s self-esteem a lot. Ian won the “Most Improved” award this week. We are absolutely coming back to the camp and we are recommending it to all of our friends and family.


– Alison


Thank you so much!! You all do such a PHENOMENAL job. I really appreciate Cliff emphasizing goal setting and education while teaching surfing. My girls (Maddie and Catie) started out being scared of the waves on Monday and by today, they were paddling and catching waves on their own – they had a GREAT time – and so did their dad! I took a lesson with Woody on Thursday and we all had such a great week. See you next year – maybe sooner!


– Andrew

Dear Skudin Family and Staff,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a beautiful experience with your school. The life lessons and values that you share with these children is right along with what we try to do in our home…..but coming from people that they look up to really hits home for them. Our daughter, Louise, is hooked on surfing thanks to your positive influence. We hope to see you again before the summer ends.

Many thanks again……

– Brigitte, Joe, and Louise

My children had the pleasure of attending your surf camp this week at the Ocean Club in Atlantic Beach. I just wanted to compliment your program and your staff. The children had an amazing time and learned so much, not only about surfing but about the water and water safety as well.

Jen, Katie, Ryan, Will, Matt, and of course Beth and Cliff were amazing. They are so great with the kids and had such a great way with them, you immediately felt comfortable and safe handing over your children (in the Atlantic no less).

Thank you so much for bringing this program to us and i look forward to seeing you guys next summer at the ocean club. Good Luck with all of your camps.


– Michelle

The Skudin’s (Cliff & Will) are an ocean of FUN! My 5 year old son is learning from the best.
I wish they had this camp when I was a kid.

Keep up the great work.

– Anonymous

We had a great week!! The instructors, Cliff and Will – are so nice and ready help you have the best experience in the ocean. They made us feel really good and relaxed. The Kids Had Fun Fun Fun!!! We are ready for a great summer riding the waves and making new friends.

We thought about surfing all year during school and could not wait for surfing with Skudinsurf.

Thanks for sharing your love of surfing with my kids!
This is an experience they will cherish their whole life.

– Sarah Cardullo

Cliff & Will,

I want to thank you for giving my kids the best experience of our vacation. Your entire staff is extremely professional and courteous and they relate really well to the kids in their classes. They gave the kids tons of valuable instruction highlighting safety (I loved that) and Saturn helped them to achieve almost immediate success by “holding their hands” so to speak until the kids felt comfortabble enough to try on their own. My three boys now want me to buy them surf boards. I would, but we live in Minnesota where the waves are not so surfable. You seem to have made surf fans for life.

Thanks Again, Anonymous

I wanted to let everyone at Skudin know how impressed I am with the business and the people affiliated with your company.

On Saturday, July 14, I wanted to practice surfing. Two weeks ago, me and my husband took semi-private lessons with Billy and I was immediately hooked. Knowing that practice is the key to getting better, I thought I would try it on my own.

While paddling around, it probably looked like I was struggling (I was) and some of the instructors helped me out before the group lesson got underway. However, it didn’t end there – despite my individually renting a board, the instructors took the care to include me in giving advice, including timing the pop-up, body position, and paddling beforehand to catch a wave.

I have never ever been compelled to send an e-mail to a company about great service, but you guys have definitely instilled in me a love for surfing after two tries! (It’s also nice to have an activity that challenges me as much as surfing does!)

Keep up the good work, and I’ll definitely be back for more time in the water (and maybe another lesson or two!).

– Christina


My two daughters, Siobhan & Sinead, just finished their first day at camp. They LOVED it.
A big thank you to Heidi, Australian Adam, Steve, Adam and Jen. What an awesome staff
you have!!! They are so friendly, polite, welcoming, enthusiastic and enouraging.

Keep up the great work.

– Deirdre

We wanted to let you know what an AMAZING time we had surfing last weekend! Bill, our instructor was awesome and we were so impressed with the quality of instruction, friendly staff and experience among all instructors. Thank you again!

– Sarah

Hey Cliff,

I know you are hearing about it from everywhere, but I have to tell you how wonderful it is to have people like you and your family and your staff who I have seen doing amazing things for people in the short time that I’ve been around Long Beach. I happened upon an event last year near my street where you guys were all in the water serving in such healing work for veterans and their families, and I’ve seen what you do with kids at the surf camps, and it’s way beyond teaching a physical skill. And those teenagers swimming without lifeguards on duty that you rescued the other day were super blessed that you happened to be the one who spotted them. While others would certainly have done the best they could to help, there are few people who could have done what you did because of the determination, bravery, and skills that situation required. I am grateful my children have the opportunity to see and spend time with inspiring people like you. (Your time with Frantz on Mother’s Day meant a lot to him.)

Have a really great weekend. I’m sure we will see you around on the beach.

– Michelle

Had a really good lesson today, even though I had originally wanted to try the SUP in the ocean, Cliff was 100% right in steering me to a regular surf lesson. John (pretty sure, I’m terrible with names) was very good and cool too, really nice kid. I’ll definitely be back soon.

Thanks again for the help and enjoy the holiday weekend.

– Tom

This camp is no joke. Most of the counselors are true watermen with a great respect and love for our ocean. One day after camp the waves were overhead and packed yet I still saw counselors helping and giving pointers to the children. Not only did my son learn new tricks, but learned to have respect for the fellow surfer and the beaches we are blessed to live on. Thank you guys!

Good morning –

I wish I was back in the surf this morning! I had a terrific time. Adam is a superb teacher. He helps you enjoy the ocean to its fullest.
Although my progress was slow, I loved surfing. If I could be back every day, I would. For days afterwards, I just felt so much better, calm, “washed clean” in a way.
I will definitely try to come back in September, and I will be in touch again. Having a lesson is a good, safe way for me to get into the waves. Thanks again. You run a wonderful program.

– Lorraine

Cliff & Will,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again for an awesome week(4) of surf camp. Ellor and Eugenie had a fantastic time and can’t stop talking about surfing. You and your staff rock! We loved the video too. See you around.

– David

Dear Will, Cliff , and other Counselors,

This isn’t a question to be answered, it’s a thank you for all you’ve taught me so far this week. I’m really glad I found this camp it gave me the opportunity to make new friends and learn to surf, something I’ve wanted to try for quite some time. From learning water safety to the popup gave me more confidence about what i was about to encounter in the water, and when Thor helped me catch my first wave I knew the surfing week ahead was going to be great! I was right, so far so good! Volunteering your time to help us learn to surf is sooooo kind and I want to thank you for all you’ve done for us! This is a experience I will never forget! From singing “Three Little Birds” in the water with Will and getting awesome wipe-outs from falling off my board, I just can’t wait for tomorrow to come! I’m totally stoked that I have awesome counselors like you to teach me your passion and practically your life! Again thank you so much for everything!!!

Your Friend, Emily


The shots are great. Thanks for tip. I just wanted you to know that Jeff, Woody, and Tommy are awesome. My daughter, Hannah is having the best time. The guys have been great with her. She also enjoyed a special one on one with your mom yesterday too.

Thanks for the camp it is so wonderful!

Best, Flo

Dear Will, Cliff, Margot, Ollie, and Skudin Mom,

I still can’ t believe how lucky I was to have had such talented people for surfing instructors. You gave me the attention needed (above the water and under) and knew exactly what I was or wasn’ t doing which made dramatic impressions and improvements on my efforts.

I learned something important from each of you. Margot, you taught me to be tough and pop up! Will, every adjustment you told me to make always worked! And your sarcastic,“ Bend your knees you look like a SKIER!” has etched such an incongruous, unforgettable image in my mind that I dare not DO THAT again. Cliff, you inspired me with your sound effects, “ Paddle! PAAADLLLLLLE!” which helped me progress on my own. I paddled AND popped up! Ollie, Thank you for your patience when I wouldn’ t listen. Your instruction was appreciated immensely! (and of course, I nose dived a lot the next day just like you warned. Finally, Skudin Mom (whoa!) thank you for that priceless advice concerning bent knees. I’ m so glad you were watching me from the beach that day and didn’ t miss your valuable input.

Queens has not been the most inspiring place in which to own a business but you honestly transformed Rockaway into a five star resort! I had such a rewarding learning experience with you all. Thank you!

Your student, Kim Tromba

Hi Cliff –

Eric and I just wanted to thank you, Will and all of your staff for helping Noah have such a great summer. We couldn’t have asked more and you were all so professional and enthusiastic. The kids really respond to that kind of atmosphere and encouragement. We wish you all the best and our hope to see you all next time.

– Jeri Geltman

Just wanted to thank you for a great week. Thomas had a blast, and learned a lot as well! Your staff was awesome, and seem as if they really enjoy what they are doing. Tell your mom and dad we send our best, and it was really great catching up with them. Thomas had a great time with your dad, it was super nice of him to take him out surfing! Again, thanks…….. ENJOY THE SURF!!!!!!

– Kristen

Hi Cliff just wanted to say what a great experience that was for my two sons to have at surf camp this past week. To my surprise Christopher didn’t get into it as much as his older brother, I really was shocked that he didn’t participate as we hoped he would. Oh well, kids are unpredictable! Again thanks to you and your family for such a great time and I am sure my older son will be back again being that he absolutely LOVED IT!! Maybe Christopher will have a change of heart too. It was amazing to see that you had such a large group of children of various ages so well organized and a great staff of instructors who truly seemed to enjoy working with the kids! Thanks again!

– Eva Seychell

I had the most amazing experience this past summer with Skudin Surf. Not only did/do my children surf, I took surf lessons! I decided that if you can’t beat them join them. I was terrified of the water, the instructors made me feel confident and they were completely encouraging for this old lady!!! The first few times I crashed, but when I finally got up it was amazing. The best part was the instructor cheering for me! It was such a great experience that I went back every morning that week for a lesson! Skudin Surf maked you feel like you are part of the family. They are kind, encouraging and just a lot of fun! I would recommend Skudin Surf to everyone and anyone of any age! My whole family loves Skudin Surf and they have all learned how to enjoy this great sport because of them! Thanks Skudin Surf! Can’t wait till this summer!

– Heidi Armellino

This was my son’s second summer with Skudin Surf. He loved it so much the first year we sent him for the entire summer for the second year. The experience that the kids have with the instructors is incredible. They not only teach them how to surf, they teach them ocean safety, how to respect the ocean, and how to respect other people. It has been a great learning experience for my son. Sean had never surfed before his first summer with Skudin. He has developed such a love for the sport, which just grows. Since his first season he now competes in local surf competitions. Since the first year, he has and I’m sure will continue to look forward to spending his summers with all the guys and girls of Skudin Surf!

– Kathy Dublylnn

I would definitely recommend Skudin Surf camp to other parents. The Skudin Brothers and their staff do a fantastic job teaching the kids to surf and about water safety. Overall, the kids have a great time learning a new skill or just improving on their existing surfing skills.

– Jeanne Renz[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]