Half Day & Full Day and Full Summer Season


Skudin Surf is committed to ensure that your child has the best experience possible in camp this summer. We expect that all campers and staff will follow Skudin Surf guidelines and rules. These guidelines and expectations are in place to ensure the safety of both the children and the staff.

Guidelines and Expectations

1. Follow instructions from staff promptly to ensure safety.

2. Show respect for all campers, staff, equipment, and property. (No insults, teasing, threats,or bullying.) Try to work cooperatively with staff and with other campers.

3. Make a reasonable effort to participate in the camp program to the best of your ability. Do not try to disrupt activities other campers may be enjoying.

4. Keep hands, feet, other body parts, and all objects to yourself unless part of a staff-led activity. There will be no hitting, biting, fighting, theft, or destruction of camp property.  Throwing sand at other campers is also a  form of inappropriate physical behavior that will not be tolerated.  Any of these behaviors will result in an immediate dismissal.  

5. Remain with assigned staff members at scheduled activities unless given explicit permission to leave. Do not leave the beach to go to the bathroom or food court without a staff member.

6. Use appropriate language in camp. This means no cursing, no inappropriate hand gestures,  or inappropriate vulgar/sexual discussions.

7. Follow all rules on field trips as outlined by staff, bus drivers, and/or venue management (this applies to Skudin Surf Performance Camp).

8. Clean up after yourself throughout the day to keep camp clean and safe and to reduce the need for All Camp Cleanup.


Discipline Procedures

The goal is for all campers to act appropriately in camp for their safety and the safety of others. Steps will always be taken to re-direct problematic behavior before problems arise. Special  efforts will be taken to help our young and special needs campers develop the social, self-regulation, and cooperation skills they need to be successful. When campers are unable to follow the behavioral guidelines, the following steps will be taken as behavior progresses.


1. Verbal Warning. Staff will warn the camper(s) and attempt to redirect behavior.


2. Time Out/Alternate Activity. Staff will contact one of the Directors, and the camper will be removed from the activity and given time to self-calm or an alternate activity until ready to return to scheduled activities with the group.


3. 1st Parent Contact. The parent or guardian will be notified at pick up or by phone call that the camper has violated the camp rules. The parent will sign a confirmation of notification and be made aware that further disciplinary action may be taken if the misbehavior continues.


4. 2nd Parent Contact. The parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the camper immediately. The child will be suspended from camp for the remainder of the day.  A meeting with a parent and Skudin Surf Director will be scheduled. The camper’s return to camp will be contingent upon the completion of the meeting.


5. Dismissal. The parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the camper immediately. The camper will be removed from the camp program and will not be eligible to return for the rest of the camp season. The parent will receive an incident report. Campers will not

be eligible for a refund of camp fees.


Additional Information/Accelerated Steps

The camper does not have to exhibit the same misbehavior to progress to the next step in the discipline procedure.

For example, if a camper is caught stealing, destroying another

camper’s property, harasses another camper, or hits another camper that camper will be sent home from camp and the process will be accelerated to at least a meeting with a Skudin Surf Director.  The discipline process can be accelerated by the camp staff in the event of serious misconduct. An example of a reason to accelerate this process would be:

• A camper who strikes or threatens a camper or staff member will jump past the first two steps directly to parental contact.

• Any camper who commits a serious offense such as seriously harming, attempting/threatening to seriously harm another camper or who sexually harasses another camper or a staff member can be immediately suspended or dismissed from camp, after the incident has been reviewed by camp staff.This decision will be made by the camp director in consultation with the Recreation Director.


Incident Report

For any serious incident that occurs at camp, an incident report will be immediately completed

by camp staff and reviewed by the Camp Director. They will then be

furnished to parents for their review within one business day.

Incident reports will contain:

• Date, time, place of incident

• Names of all parties involved and camp staff present

• A full and detailed description of the incident

• Signature of the Camp Director

• Corrective plan of action decided


All conversations with parents and guardians regarding incidents will be kept confidential. Please note that if multiple campers are involved in an incident; camp staff will not discuss consequences issued to the camper who is not your child with you. Two campers involved in the same incident may be at different stages of camp discipline procedure.


Parent Conduct and Process of Dispute

The program staff seeks to treat campers and families with respect, and parents and guardians are

also expected to display professionalism in all inquiries and disputes about discipline decisions

and incident response.

All program and/or staff issues should be directed to the Camp Director, not to the counselors. If the parent is not satisfied with the response by the Camp Director, the parent may request to meet

with the Recreation Director.